430 penn avenue. west reading. pa. 19611 
phone/text: 610.790.4240
open 8:00am-8:00pm by appointment
email: contact@pennavenuesalonandspa.com

Committed to accommodating your lifestyle, experience and personal style.
The art of design, style and wellness  influence each salon guest in refining their salon experience, sharing and reflecting current skin care advancements, wellness benefits and in redesigning or maintaining classic styles.

Each season, and often within a season, styles change in  hair design, makeup and nail colors, as well as style techniques, men's styles and products to support these advances. Specializing in makeovers and current as well as classic styles, Penn Avenue Salon and Spa will take time to evaluate, suggest and provide options for each guest.

With interest in wellness influences and skin care advancement, Penn Avenue Salon and Spa offers opportunities to share details specific to each guest and their interests. Improve wellness with beneficial massage therapy services, maintain a polished image in nail care, proactively care for your skin or makeover your hairstyle; Penn Avenue Salon and Spa makes all efforts to anticipate salon guests requests and provide the experience and accommodation you deserve.


Welcome to Penn Avenue Salon and Spa.